Largest Cruise Ship

Freedom of the Seas is the largest luxury cruise ship in the world, owned by Royal Caribbean.

This cruise ship weighs 160,000 tons, it is 1,112 feet long, 184 feet wide and it has 15 passenger decks holding 3,634 guests double-occupancy. Freedom of the Seas towers 208 feet tall, approximately the same height as two of the Statue of Liberty, placed head to toe.
A brand new featureis the H2O Zone, or the “sprayground” which has colorful fiberglass sculptures shooting jets of water, geysers shooting from the ground and water cannons. There’s even a lazy river and waterfall inside! At night, this area, with the integration of an incredible lighting system, will be transformed into a sculpture garden. Royal Caribbean says, “there’s nothing like the H2O Zone on any other cruise ship today.”

Guests can find their 15 seconds of fame at the On Air Club, Freedom of the Seas’ karaoke venue with state-of-the-art theatrical lighting, video cameras, flat screen TVs and even a "green screen" for aspiring music stars to record their own music video.
For professional entertainment, the Art Deco-style Arcadia Theatre (1,350 guests) features three shows: Marquee, a medley of performances, the musical Now You See It! magic show, and Once Upon a Time, a narrative piece combining the Brothers Grimm’s fairytales.

Another first-ever feature is a dedicated sports pool located in the main pool area. One of the two pools of the Freedom of the Seas is used almost exclusively for athletic pool games, ranging from basketball and volleyball to synchronized swimming. Other times, it will have designated lanes for lap swimming. The second pool is just for relaxing. At night, passengers can see this area transformed into an open-air nightclub with a large dance floor between the two pools.

Located at the heart of this largest cruise ship, the Royal Promenade is a 445-foot-long shopping, dining and entertainment boulevard that spans the length of an entire football field. At night, the Promenade hosts street parades, put on by select staff, commencing from a revolutionary new descending bridge amidst a fanfare of music, lasers and lights. Guests can also enjoy relaxed reading at the 3,600-volume Book Nook.

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Cruises are fun and memorable!

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