Jenna Jameson Confirms Pregnancy (Photos)

Jenna Jameson Confirms Pregnancy
Ex-porn queen Jenna Jameson told that she is being cautious and getting as much rest as possible in the early stages of her pregnancy.Jenna and martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz have been in a relationship for the past two years and Jameson said that they are still in shock about becoming parents–but are thrilled. Jenna had told US magazine in May that they have been trying to conceive so it couldn’t have taken them totally by surprise.Jenna has been married twice - first to porn star Brad Armstrong aka Rodney Hopkins in 1996. The marriage lasted a total of 10 weeks. In June 2003 Jameson tied the knot again with porn studio owner Jay Grdina but that union ended in August 2006. The couple, according to Jameson, are not planning to walk down the aisle any time soon.“I think I am going to stay unmarried, and just go for the babies. I am following in Angelina’s footsteps.”
Best of luck to Tito and Jenna. More photos of the happy couple below.

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