Kim Kardashian On Prestige

Kim Kardashian On Prestige Cleavage and Nude Men in Hong Kong. How HOT is this?!
Though she teased the Twitterverse with photos of a spiked dress two weeks ago, Kim Kardashian shocked everyone when she released the first image of her upcoming Prestige Magazine cover on her blog. Sporting the same spiked dress and flanked on either side by oiled-up naked male models, it's pretty clear she's having some fun showing off her sexier side. Here's what she wrote on her blog: Remember those pics I posted of me wearing that fab spiked dress by The Blonds!? Well I can now reveal it was for an exclusive shoot with Prestige magazine in Hong Kong!!! This might be one of my most risque covers to date!" the reality starlet posted on her blog early .

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