Olivia Wilde Vanity Fair Magazine Photoshoot

Olivia Wilde Vanity Fair Magazine Photoshoot (December 2010)Olivia Wilde American actress had an exclusive swimming pool side phootshoot .She gushes about her upcoming movie “Cowboys and Aliens” and sits down for a candid interview with the fashionable magazine
The TRON actress graciously dons a sexy, white, wet n wild dress that is sure to wow fans. Olivia opens up about her upcoming role in her new film, Cowboys & Aliens. Opposite Harrison Ford, the glam girl shares:
“What’s great is that I don’t have to play the weeping lady in distress. I get to play a pretty cool and powerful woman.”
And rightfully so!Moreover, she compliments Jeff Bridges from the film TRON: Legacy stating that he was a “master class in acting”. Not only was she given the privilege to work with him regularly, but she credits him for being able to learn from him, watch him, and listen to him, as well, “being able to shadow him was a master class in acting, and also in behaving.” How nice!
TRON: Legacy is due out in December! Sounds like Miss Olivia has got a lot in store for her future! Not only is she incredibly gorgeous, but very talented, too! You must take a peek at Olivia Wilde Vanity Photo Shoot photos right here! Isn’t she a sight for sore eyes!

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