Candice Swanepoel Victoria's Secret Bombshell Fragrance Collection

Victoria's Secret Beauty Launches "Bombshell" Fragrance Collection Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima pose at Victoria's Secret Beauty Launches "Bombshell" Fragrance Collection Christened "Victoria's Secret Bombshell" in reference to supermodel of the brand, this new fragrance developed in collaboration with Givaudan provides notes at once floral, fruity and aromatic. The fragrance is available in stores Victoria's Secret, but also on the website of the brand.
"Victoria's Secret Bombshell 'opens on notes of peony and Chinese yellow passion fruit native to the Brazilian jungle, decorated vanilla extracts for the sensual aspect of the fragrance.
On the design side, the pink glass bottle of the fragrance inspired by the most beautiful jewels faceted and tends to represent the different body parts of women. The bottle is provided with a black satin bow and multiple stripes of pink, signature iconic American brand.
"The sparkling fruit alongside both a stifling heat and a certain sensuality to express fresh sexiness, glamorous and ultra-feminine fragrance. We designed this fragrance to a memorable, unique. Like a bomb from Victoria's Secret, "says Mark Knitowski, vice president of affiliate development at Victoria's Secret perfume.
Victoria's Secret's claw has been honored many times for the quality of women's fragrances, particularly popular with the American public. The brand has received a particular FIFI Awards in 2009 and 2010 for fragrance Sexy Little Things and Love Black Rocks

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