Paris Hilton New Year Eve Party in Los Cabos

Hot and Sexy Paris Hilton Nicky Hilton and Cy Waits celebrated New Year's Eve at a nightclub in Los Cabos.Paris Hilton looked distinctly unamused as she sat next to boyfriend Cy Waits at a New Year's Eve party in Mexico.Paris Hilton was attending saw in 2011 at a nightclub in Los Cabos, where she has been holidaying over the past few days.But it seems being parted with her phone, which she lost on Thursday night, was too much for Paris to take.
Taking to Twitter, Paris told her fans about her 'fun' but 'mellow' New Year.
'Just getting ready for bed. Had a mellow, but fun New Year's Eve. Hope everyone had a great night! HAPPY NEW YEARS! Love Paris xoxo.'
In an earlier posting she complained about losing her phone on Thursday night, writing: 'Sucks not having a phone on New Year's Eve. :( So since I can't text anyone. Just wanted to Twitter to you all HAPPY NEW YEARS! Love Paris.

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