Kelly Brook Barbados Bikini Babe

We feel for Kelly Brook…all that voluptuousness and so much nipple and there is no one to pay attention (other than all the beach-goers, the hotel staff and the horny paparazzi). Kelly’s been vacationing alone on the island of Barbados since no man has managed to ignite the fire in her loins after her loser boyfriend Danny Cipriani moved out of their apartment in London and back to his mom’s basement. At least she seems to be having a good time by little ol’ self.
The island getaway was a much-needed one for Kelly, as the English beauty is reportedly oing through troubled times with boyfriend Danny Cipriani.
A source says, "Danny was living at Kelly's place in Notting Hill up until she went to LA. He moved out the day before she left and is now back at his mum Anne's house in Wimbledon. He hasn't returned to Kelly's house since then and they haven't spent any time together either."
The insider adds, "We fear things have hit the rocks and their romance is over. If so, it's very sad as Kelly was smitten with Danny and was always smiling when she was with him."

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