Lauren Conrad The Hills Season 5

Lauren Conrad is really desperate to promote Season 5 of The Hills
Lauren Conrad nearly exposed her crotch on top of showcasing her cellulite in a recent, overeager attempt to plead canadian audiences to continue watching The Hills. You see Lauren is desperate these days. Her dreams of becoming a catwalk designer queen…went straight for the hills since her clothing line was just cancelled. And because Lauren is as talented a designer as Audrina is a candidate for Speaker Of The House, her people had to find an excuse that we could all chew and swallow without choking. So ofcourse the bad economic climate was to blame, not the cheezy clothes now on sale on Ebay for 39.99.

So for the moment Lauren will have to do with dead air and mind-blowing, climate-changing conversations with Audrina Patridge…at least that way she can afford to wear other people’s clothes…

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